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Welcome, campers and counselors to yukuecamp! :D

Camp Yukue is a Japanese male-only AU RP based off of the idea of the American summer camp. Ever seen the movie Parent Trap? Something like that. Here's a pretty basic idea of what we're doing!

However, this RP isn't like your average RP - ours is timed. This RP will ONLY run for 8 weeks from open to close - the length of the average summer camp. Fast paced? Yup. Please make sure you have the time necessary to devote to the RP before you sign up.

•You may sign up as either a camper or a counselor. Two counselors per cabin (to be assigned by the mods), seven campers (max) per cabin.
•This means we're only going to be allowing a maximum of 36 muses in the game per session. If the first session goes well, we may open up a second session.
•All campers must be at least 16 years old (fictional age) and no older than 19.
•All counselors must be at least 21 years old, with no maximum age limit.
You MAY age your character up or down depending on your preference.
Example: Chinen is now 23 and a senior in college, working at the camp during his summers for the experience.

•MALE ONLY MUSES - in addition, your muse MUST be from Johnny's OR an associated act (an actor or musician who has worked with JE in the past)
•Campers will be randomly assigned to cabins.
•Counselors will also be randomly assigned to cabins, but will also be assigned an "activity" they will be in charge of running. You may list up to three activities you'd like to be considered for on your application. (See application post for more information!)

•Personal entries are welcome and encouraged! Use your muse's journal for whatever you want - as a diary, past logs between other muses (say from previous summers?), a place to vent, whatever!
•This is an LJ BASED RP; however, due to the fast-paced nature of the RP, AIM logs are allowed.
RE: AIM LOGS - AIM logs are to be used ONLY for conversational purposes and may be posted in the comm as a log. Please use LJ-based paragraph logs for any major actions between muses.
•Obviously we can't police your AIM logs that you don't post, but please try to keep it honest!
•Muses will be expected to participate in at least one LJ-based log a week.
•Logs MUST be completed within 2 weeks of initial posting. Any logs not completed in that time will be considered abandoned and will not count toward the activity checks.

•One week in RP time = one week in RL time.
•New weeks begin when the "Weekly Update" post is posted on Sundays. A second "Weekly Update" post will be posted on Wednesdays as well and will serve as a reminder for open logs and activities around camp.
•No godmodding or metagaming, please. Have respect for your fellow gamers.
•Muses under the age of 17 are discouraged from engaging in NC-17 logs, but are not banned from doing so.
•That said, anything that happens in the muse's personal journal will remain just that - personal. (Including any private logs. PLEASE REMEMBER THOUGH - private journal logs will NOT count toward your log count for the comm.)
•LOCK ALL NC-17 LOGS. If you're unsure if an R log needs to be locked, err on the side of caution and lock it, too. The mods will PM you if we feel you need to lock something. :)
•Use English - This an English language RP and we expect players to have a grasp on vocabulary and grammar. Occasional mistakes are inevitable and okay, but be as careful as you can about your posts.
•No hiatus lasting longer than 7 days will be granted due to the nature of the RP.
•If you need to drop your muse, please contact the mods as soon as possible via LJ private message or yukue.mods@gmail.com
•When posting to the comm, please use the following subjects:
▫Open logs anyone can join: [OPEN: Title]
▫Closed logs: [CLOSED: Title]
▫AIM logs: [AIM: Title]

•Activity checks - there will be four of them. One every two weeks. If you have been AWOL for two of them, you will be removed from the RP. If you have not completed your logs in two weeks, you will be removed. Once removed, you will not be allowed to rejoin the RP until the new session begins.
•Try not to get into any OOC drama with other players. It makes for an unpleasant atmosphere and often destroys games. Communicate with others effectively, and contact the mods if you have a more serious problem.

We hope you enjoy your time here at Camp Yukue! :D Please feel free to ask if you have any questions at all!


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